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It’s built on a top of React and enables building device-agnostic user interfaces. The team says that reliability, accessibility, and customization are its primary features and encourage utilizing the system for any web project. The number of tools and extensions available for React developers is tremendous. Along with impressive out-of-the-box functionality, more opportunities emerge once you discover how big the React galaxy is. Its “learn once – write everywhere” ideology powered with a myriad of ready-made tools for development process improvement is precious. At the same time, the React Native framework for hybrid app development widens the horizons and makes React-based apps even more attractive investment.

For example, it’s important to check the company’s portfolio, focusing on their React Native-related projects. But it’s not just about making sure they can get the job done, you should also look for a company that is interested in your companies that use react project and can give you honest input. Moreover, keep in mind that price and coding aren’t everything; a successful project trumps a cheap one, and design and user experience are just as important, so you should find a proper balance.

Key Benefits Of React Js For Front

The main goal of the developers was to create a coherent, clear interface for all users. The programmers wanted the UI/UX design and the brand appearance to be impeccable. Below, I present the list of brands using React and the reasons why it was chosen. The reusability works with all types of software compatible with the React.js library.

We have a team of ace developers that have successfully launched dozens of React.js-based projects and are now looking to pave the way to your company’s success as well. Some of the most ambitious companies out there focused on the high performance and flexibility of software. The library can be safely deemed as the top solution for creating user interfaces. In the long run, companies that use React get a great opportunity to accelerate the whole project workflow by reusing components in numerous projects over and over again. In 2019, Skyscanner decided to redesign so widely that the development team created an entire design system – Backpack. This is important enough to mention because this system is based on React components.

React Native In The Ubereats App

By combining the advantages of native and hybrid apps, the technology speeds up the development process, provide native-like experience and a significant cost reduction. Making Discord a React Native platform enabled the company to take advantage of the reusable code and make quick product iterations with just two persons on board in the development team. Discord iOS and Android applications share 98% of the codebase which is a game-changer in cross-platform hire mobile app developer development. TUNEsays its Partner Marketing Platform is one of the tech industry’s most flexible SaaS offerings for building, managing and scaling mobile advertising campaigns. Founded in 2009, the company is headquartered in Belltown with more than $35 million in funding under its belt, along with clients like Groupon, Baidu and Shopify. Besides, Team Uber created Base Web – a design system providing reusable components for UI development.

companies that use react

The single-page web app has been entirely developed with the ReactJS family. Thanks to React, the Instagram web showcases a fast performance and is swiftly responsive to different user-driven events. When building the application UI, developers use our libraries, which abstract the differences between the native platforms. Choosing the rightReact Native development companycan be challenging, but there are plenty of factors that can help you make the right choice when planning to develop a React Native app.

React Native Advantages Over Native App Development

It was evident that React Native is a great framework for providing apps with blazing fast performance and near-native experience. So the team also decided to use it to build Facebook Ads Manager app. React Native allows developers to use the same code base for both Android and iOS apps. It’s a complete multi-platform solution for businesses that want a short time-to-market. All you need to do is hire React Native developer proficient in hybrid app designing.

Based on your requirements, you can then build a feature-rich cross-platform app in just 3-4 weeks. React Native has become a popular name in the software development ecosystem. It’s an open-source cross-platform development framework that Facebook released in 2015. Because of its highly tempting advantages, many companies, big and small, have used React Native for their mobile apps. After I briefly explain the major benefits of React Native in the first section, the second section of this blog will present a list of 8 big companies using React Native in their apps.

React Development Expertise

We are one of the early adopters of open-source, cross-platform development environments such as AngularJS, Node.js, React.js , MEAN stack & an array of other JavaScript stacks. Since CronJ is one of the best Reactjs development companies, we are a very competent, perseverant and well-knit team of ReactJS developers from all over the world. We are well versed with the aforementioned frameworks and technologies companies that use react to give you the best ReactJS services and solutions as and when it is called upon. Customer satisfaction is of paramount importance to our business model. The above top 5 companies using React Native generated impressive results and reached performance that helped them greatly expand the business. React Native offers companies a lot of benefits throughout the process of implementation and development.

  • Currently, thanks to numerous advantages that React-based solutions bring, many companies tend to boost their target audience UX and, hence, increase corporate income.
  • It enables the compilation of code to Swift and Java to make development projects easier.
  • React.js is a renowned JS library from Facebook developers used to create user interfaces for one-page and mobile apps.
  • With CronJ considered the best offshore react.js development company for the software development, the productive approach for web application development is discussed.

We, at TechAvidus, have always strived and excelled in delivering world-class React development services. We are one of the first companies adopting React JS when it was introduced as open source. We are globally renowned for offering technology best solutions to our clients and focus on bringing up highly progressive web and mobile applications that meet the specific business objectives. Building a cross-platform app in itself is very advantageous for businesses. You can build apps for both Android and iOS using one code base, the developers can build the app faster and the testing is easy too. But many businesses hesitate to opt for cross-platform app development because they fear they will have to compromise with the UI of the apps.

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For example, a code that is written for a website implementation can repeatedly be used for any app. In this way, you don’t need separate teams to build a mobile app and a web-based platform for the same client. A well-known product development organization worldwide, Atlassian has its own bouquet of products that are world-renowned — Jira, Confluence, HipChat, etc. Both internal and external applications of Atlassian have been leveraging the power of ReactJS and family. Developers at Atlassian have been highly impressed with key features of React such as its reusable libraries and easy deployment to all devices — desktop, web and mobile alike. Instagram has entirely used the ReactJS library in its development and enabled the developers to enjoy its fruits.

Is Python front end or backend?

Python: Is Python front end or back end? The simple answer is yes: Python can be used for either front-end or back-end development. That said, it’s approachable syntax and widespread server-side use makes Python a core programming language for back-end development.

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